Hello🌼 My name is Brittany Elizabeth and I have been on social media since April of 2017. I honestly started because I wanted to show that you can be an average person with a family and still feel sexually confident and show it. I never dreamed I'd be decent at it or that I'd love it as much as I do! Since being on here, I have grown, made amazing friends that I truly consider my family, fallen on my face, dealt with adversities, changed my look several times over and so much more. The one thing that stayed the same though-I am always cheerfully doing what I love and enjoying my life on and off social media. I am a wife to an Army Soldier, mom to two boys, momma to a girl cat and currently reside in Washington State. We are a tight crew, my family is my life and when I'm not online, I'm with them enjoying every moment❤On here, you will find all my links including my uncensored premium (OF). OF is where you'll find my most intimate, passionate content. My platforms I feel are different from most in that I am goofy, always wanting to help others and get to know people, march to the beat of my own crazy drum and do everything myself on my phone. No professional team, just me so this means my heart, sweat, tears and laughter goes into everything you see. I strive to post me in my most candid moments and make it truly authentic. Aside from all that, I really enjoy connecting with others because when we communicate, we help and lift people. When we are kind and befriend others, we change the way the world looks. I truly believe in this and my whole life is centered around being nice and respectful but understanding everyone has different beliefs so my way of living might not aline with yours and others and that's ok. Writing is something i enjoy a lot so I'll hopefully be writing in my blog section and posting poetry. I send light and love to y'all always. Love, Brittany